Welcome to Boxing Club Amaron!

The club has been around for two years now and has the goal to create a community for people, with boxing been the common interest, where one can practice this hobby and relax from social chores.

Boxing club Amaron offers a unique combination of the boutique personal training and the most competitive price per boxing session in Bulgaria. Customer care is the focus of the boxing club. The people visiting the club could be described in the following segments:

Boxing club Amaron does not prepare people for boxing competitions!

Boxing club Amaron relies on a specially developed method, that has evolved based on the trainer’s experience during the past 15 years, where the trainees, who do not have any previous boxing experience could reach 75% of their boxing potential, if they come to training three times a week for 6 consecutive months. The time during one training session is divided into three equal parts: warm up, mitts training and sparring.


Iliya Kazepov started his boxing training in 1983, when he is 13 years old. Since then he has been actively competing and consequently started box training activity. The trainer has 105 amateur box matches in his career, 5 professional box matches, 10 kick box matches, and has been participant in the first MMA tournament organized in Bulgaria in Hall 1 of NDK.


Regular training hours are as follows:


For additional questions and private appointment please contact the following number:
0886 787 363 (only for English speakers)

42.641429; 23.377832

2012 March